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Madara & Obito Figures

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Are these figures for me?

These Madara & Obito figures is ready to be have by all anime fans.
Show off in these figures and harness the power that comes alongside it.
Make sure you are the one to show off your love for the anime world.

Are you Uchiha fan?

If you are Uchiha fan like me,then these figures is definitely for you.You have opportunity to show you friends that you became a part of best clan in Naruto.

Are these figures the perfect gift? 

if you don't know what to give to a family member or friend for a birthday or a special day.And you know that he adores Uchiha clan as much as we do,then this is your happy day my friend.This is the right time to make that person happy with these figures.


Add this to your collection now and become a true Uchiha fan.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bonita Ullrich

it's decent, but mine was quite difficult to put together as nothing seemed to fit so well without using force... anyways its alright for price.

Jaquelin Konopelski

Packed in a box, like reliable, but, delayed detail. You can glue it. And in general, norms. in conjunction with Madara they are ideal, I will order more!

Oswald Baumbach

Gorgeous mass

Julia Spinka

In step lot of day and good quality vrm best site

Elroy Marvin

Madara & Obito Figures